Trashcode Re-de-fined



We guarantee you 100% trash

From private label to licensed plush: we can do it (better). Take a look at our exclusive partnership with Animal Planet, where the plush are 100% R-PET and 100% rebels, 
just like us.

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Spending more than a decade perfecting R-PET fabrics to bring them to the highest quality standards in terms of colour fastness, pilling, shrinkage and tear strength, while competitors - who are just jumping on the “eco” trend - are still trying to figure out how to dye them properly (hint: it’s not easy). We guarantee that our R-PET products meet the same standards as virgin polyester materials.

The genie is out of the bottle

Our plush is made out of 100% R-PET, no compromises. How can we guarantee this? Pretty simple, we have nothing to hide. From bottle collection to finished product: everything is transparent. You can come take a look and perhaps pick-up some trash while you’re at it.


Even your best buyers will buy rubbish...

…but thanks to our 100% transparency policy, they knew that in advance! With Trashcode®, we want to make an impact in the fashion and toy industry, turning it into a greener place. What are YOU doing to save our planet?