We are Trashcode®…the new sustainable standard in the fast fashion and entertainment industry on textile fabrics and yarns. Not only did we join forces with Waste2Wear®, the innovative frontrunner leading in development and production of recycled polyester (R-PET), but we also extended our range with GOTS certified cotton, cork and vegan leather products. Constantly working on the next innovative and sustainable project, material or solution. From bottle-collecting to final product: everything transparent and fully under control. And we guarantee that too. How? Pretty simple, by controlling the whole chain. Just come and take a look, we have nothing to hide. We can guarantee you that your product is truly made out of recycled bottles, as we are using no less than a 100% R-PET, no compromises..

To learn more please watch the video on the website of Waste2Wear®.

Not only do we have GRS certification for the complete supply chain (as the only one in the world!), but Waste2Wear® also developed their own patented testing method: the RA-3 Standard®, being able to guarantee your product is in fact truly recycled.

We know our trash!

Spending more than a decade perfecting R-PET fabrics to bring them to the highest quality standards in terms of color fastness, pilling, shrinkage and tear strength, while competitors – who are just jumping on the “eco” trend – are still trying to figure out how to dye it properly (hint:
it’s not easy). We can guarantee that our R-PET products can meet the same standards as virgin polyester materials.

Our Solutions:

From apparel to carpets, to plush or to backpacks, you name it… If it’s made out of textile pretty sure we can make it.